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Notification from immigration

As new coronaviruses are spreading, we're getting notifications from immigration.
(Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean)


-Counter congestion mitigation measures to prevent spread of infection[PDF]

(English, English)
Measures to Ease Congestion at the Application Counters to Prevent the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection
(Simplified Chinese / Chinese Chinese)
避 在 避免 申请 请 窗口 拥挤 理 施 完成 扩 扩 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型
(Traditional Chinese / Traditional Chinese)
A new type of coronary venom disease
(Korean, 한국어)
코로나 코로나 바이러스 감염 의 감염 의 방지 를 위한 창구 혼잡 대책 에 대해서 대해서

・ Handling of those who are unable to return to Japan and applying for a Certificate of Eligibility[PDF]

(English, English)
Handling of Applications for Residence due to the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection[PDF]
(Simplified Chinese / Chinese Chinese)
Application for Residents of the Greater New Coronary Diseases[PDF]
(Traditional Chinese / Traditional Chinese)
Guidance on various types of residence treatment[PDF]
(Korean, 한국어)
코로나 코로나 바이러스 감염증 감염증 등 을 받은 재류 의 신청 취급 에 대해서 대해서[PDF]

-Validity period of Certificate of Eligibility[PDF]

(English, English)
Regarding the period of validity of the Certificate of Eligibility in relation to the effects of the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) [PDF]
(Simplified Chinese / Chinese Chinese)
关 关 关 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型[PDF]
(Traditional Chinese / Traditional Chinese)
擴 擴 大 新型 新型 新型 新型 新型 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大[PDF]
(Korean, 한국어)
신형 코로나 바이러스 감염증 의 감염 확대 감염 확대 따른 재류 자격 인증 증명서 유효 기간 에about[PDF]


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