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Ban Rei ReiSan

Ban Rei Rei

Thank you for visiting my profile. I first came to Japan 17 years ago. I was 19 at the time. I didn't have a smartphone, couldn't read Japanese, couldn't speak, and the day after I came, I was lost at Tokyo Station. At that time, I can't rely on anyone, and it's a memory I will never forget.
Recently, I haven't had much trouble in my life, but I'd be happy if I could help foreigners living in Nagano with troubles and consultations because of the painful experience of those days. We would like to respond sincerely. Please feel free to contact us.

Name Ban Rei Rei
Length of stay 17/
Country of origin China, a country that occupies most of East Asia. With a population of approximately 14 billion, it is currently the most populous country in the world.
The largest ethnic group is Han, which makes up 92% of the population, and the other 55 minorities make up the remaining 8%.
Normal language is a standard language. Even in the same Chinese, there are different languages ​​such as Wu, Yue, and Min.
There is no national religion and the main religions are Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism and Islam.
The period of compulsory education is 9 years, generally 6 years for elementary school and 3 years for junior high school.
Chinese civilization or Chinese culture: One of the oldest civilizations in the world, it is also the central culture in East Asia. In addition, "Chinese cuisine," which is a food culture, has its own cooking methods and seasoning dishes that are formed according to the climate, geography, history, ingredients, and eating habits of each region of China. It is widely used worldwide, including in Japan, and is becoming more localized.
Hobbies Recently I've been into cooking and making sweets. I want to see the "delicious" faces of my family and friends. It's embarrassing, but when I was a student, I didn't like cooking, so I didn't really like it.
My favorite Nagano prefecture I love Shinshu, which is rich in nature, such as the Alps with large mountains. All the fruits grown in nature are delicious and always eaten too much. (Lol).
My favorite Japanese "There is no night that doesn't open"
This word has always encouraged me. No matter how difficult things may be, if you endure and do your best, you will definitely be able to overcome them.
Profile I spent up to high school in a small city in China called SONGYUAN in Jilin Province, located in the northeastern part of China, with a population of 280 million. I went to a Japanese language school for two years, and then I wanted to study more Japanese and culture, so I started studying from scratch again at Takasaki University of Economics in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. After that, I met a Japanese husband and had two children.
To put it a bit better, I hate that I'm crooked. If you decide to do it, act immediately.
To put it badly, everything is fine. Inflexibility, unable to think carefully and act. (Lol)
I am currently living in Nagano City with my family. It was over eight years since I came to Nagano when I got married.
There are many things to think about in everyday life, but I will try my best to grow as a person, valuing my daily experiences and meeting people, little by little.

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