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For foreigners, there are some problems such as status of residence, differences in language, differences in system depending on country, etc. It is often difficult to consult with people, and it may not be easy to solve.
If you are worried alone, it often develops into a bigger problem. If you have any problems, please contact the consultation center first. At the consultation center, the counselor will face each other personally and give advice to solve the problem.
There are various experiences in Japan, so let's spend as much fun as possible and make lots of wonderful memories.

Length of stay 4/
Country of origin Vietnam Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia that is close to Japan, and the shape of the country, the faces of people, the culture, and the state of development are somehow close to Japan. Speaking of Vietnam, pho, fresh spring rolls, ao dai, lotus, bikes, etc. are imagined.
Vietnam is divided into three areas: North, Central and South.
Hobbies I like traveling.
We carefully research tourist spots, local cuisine, accommodations, and transportation facilities, and always place importance on how cheap and enjoyable the trip can be.
My favorite Nagano prefecture I like winter when I use hot springs, and I feel happy living in Nagano depending on the season. The water and air are clean and there are many quiet rural areas.
Winter is cold anyway, but I love Nagano prefecture.
My favorite Japanese "Compassion is not for people" Ở HIỀN GẶP LÀNH (Vietnamese)
(The salmon is not a benefit)
If you're doing good for others, you'll be good for yourself.
So be kind to everyone.
Profile I came to Japan and studied Japanese for two years at a Japanese language school, and then in the business course at a vocational school. I am currently working for an automobile parts manufacturer. Gaining specialized knowledge in Japan, experiencing Japanese culture and customs, and actively participating in volunteer activities. In particular, I would like to focus on activities that help Vietnamese understand Japan better, and activities that promote exchanges between young people from both countries.

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