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Foreigners active in Nagano Prefecture

Iizuka Tat (Iizuka Passapon)San

If you are in trouble, consult with anyone, do not know what to do, do not worry about that alone, please consult us. This is a consultation center where foreign staff help foreigners. Advise on solutions to live happily in Japan. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'll be expecting you.

Name Iizuka Tat (Iizuka Passapon)
Length of stay 17/
Country of origin Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. The official name of Thailand is Kingdom of Thailand, (Land of smile), Capital: Bangkok, Language: Thai, Religion: Buddhism, Famous beach, Luxurious It is known for its royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples decorated with Buddha statues. One of the world's largest soups (Tom Yum Kung), green curry, Thai New Year festival "Songkran" (watering festival), the season is said to be 4 (summer, rainy season, winter) I can only feel it. Japanese culture and animation are loved, and many Japanese products can be seen.
Hobbies Draw, work, listen to music, Japanese drums, kendo
My favorite Nagano prefecture A romantic winter in Hakuba village in winter, where you can enjoy a wonderful view, and a panoramic view of the magnificent Northern Alps mountain range.
My favorite Japanese The four-letter idiom “causal response” is a Buddhist term, and the reward must appear according to the human behavior. There is a reward for doing good, and a bad reward for doing bad. Always keep in mind.
Profile Instructor of Ogawamura Elementary School Children Club 7 years
Present: 1 year and a half as a life supporter counselor (Thai / English)

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