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Kimishima MaricrisSan

Living in a foreign country is not easy. Unlike the familiar environment, it is natural to be confused by various matters such as language, culture, customs, systems, laws, food, climate, work, and child-rearing. Don't worry about something alone, have someone listen and teach you and try hard to get to know Japan little by little. Nagano Prefecture has made every effort to support foreign residents in the prefecture so that it can respond to many foreign residents. Please do not hesitate to use this service because we are foreign nationals.

Name Kimishima Maricris
Length of stay 12/
Country of origin フィリピン
It consists of more than 7,000 islands in Southeast Asia and its capital is Manila. The climate is tropical and marine, and most of the year in 1 is hot and humid, with typhoons. There are many beautiful beaches, and many foreign tourists visit throughout the year. In a multi-ethnic country, the national languages ​​are Filipino and English, and the number of mother tongues used exceeds 170. Bananas, mangoes, and pineapples are famous. Typical desserts are halo halos and dishes are advo.
Hobbies Listening to Music
My favorite Nagano prefecture Nagano Prefecture has many high mountains and is healed by summer resorts in the hot summer season. The place with clear air is the best because there are many forests. There are plenty of scenery, food, fruits and mountain crops every season, so you can enjoy the five senses.
My favorite Japanese "Tomorrow is another day"
I think about the future, but I learned today that I can reduce anxiety and stress by working hard day by day without worrying too much. I'll deal with it today, but I'm going to work on the next day that day.
Profile I work at the life consultation desk for foreign residents living in Nagano Prefecture, and mainly deal with consultations from Filipino nationals. We also provide consultation in English and Japanese when necessary.

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