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Foreigners active in Nagano Prefecture

Harumi ShimizuSan

My parents are from Shinanomachi, Nagano, and immigrated to Brazil in 1964. My mother has been living in Brazil for many years, has not spoken much Portuguese and had a lot of trouble, but there is a friend who can speak Portuguese nearby and always helped my parents. I would like to be able to help you in the same way in Japan as a friend of my parents, so that I can help others nearby.

Name Harumi Shimizu
Length of stay 17/
Country of origin Federal Republic of Brazil
Hobbies Sewing, accessories making
My favorite Nagano prefecture I like hot springs in Nagano Prefecture. The other hot spring you want to go to is Magama Onsen.
My favorite Japanese "The child is shabby"
Life is an “encounter”. I think we are alive by meeting various people. My child was born, and I met many people in the process of raising my child. I want to live with a lot of ties.
Profile I have been working as a supporter of multicultural living at the Nagano International Association since 2018 in 4. I am a consultant for foreign residents of Nagano prefecture, mainly from Brazil.

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