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Northern Alps areaLocal information

Northern Alps area information

Local information for the Northern Alps area.
This area includes Omachi City, Ikeda Town, Matsukawa Village, Hakuba Village and Otari Village.

Foreign Resident Consultation Service

Phone : 0261-72-5000
Address: Hakuba Village Office
対応言語 : 英語

Japanese classroom

Omachi Japanese class for foreigners Venue: Omachi Public Hall (1601-2 Omachi, Omachi City)  Date and time: Wednesday 19: 00-21: 00
Matsukawa Matsukawa Japanese Language Class Venue: Tin Sound Hall (84-1, Matsukawa-mura, Kita-Azumi-gun) Date and time: Friday 19: 30-21: 00
Ikeda Ikeda Town Japanese Class Venue: Ikeda Town Exchange Center Kaede (3336-1 Ikeda, Ikeda Town, Kitaazumi District)  Date and time: Thursday 19: 30-21: 00
Hakuba-mura Hakuba Village Japanese Class Venue: Hakuba Fureai Center 7025nd Floor Volunteer Room (XNUMX Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun)  Date and time: Irregular Wednesdays from 10:00 to 11:00

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