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Matsumoto International Japanese Language School(Matsumoto City / Japanese Language School)

Matsumoto International Japanese Language School
Name Matsumoto International Japanese Language School
Venue / Address 1-14-3 Honjo, Matsumoto City
How to book?
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Website https://www.mijs-nagano.jp/
Contact Information
  • Phone : 0263-88-4085
  • E-mail: info@mijs-nagano.jp <mailto: info@mijs-nagano.jp>
Remarks Matsumoto International Japanese Language School is a Japanese language school newly opened in Matsumoto in April 2019. Our school is surrounded by rich nature, history and culture, and is located within a 4-minute walk from Matsumoto Station, making it a very comfortable environment for students to live. The school uses audiovisual materials developed by teachers to provide communicative classes unique to Matsumoto International Japanese School.
☆ In the beginner class, we aim to improve conversation by using PowerPoint classes.
☆ In the first intermediate level, you will learn "listening", "speaking", "reading" and "writing" in a well-balanced manner.
Classes correspond to JLPT N5 to N2 levels, so you can choose a class that suits your current Japanese proficiency. "I want to study Japanese in earnest for my family, work, and life in Japan! Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are a family member.                             


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