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Azumi's international network (AIN)(Azumino City / International Exchange Group)

Azumi's international network (AIN)
NameAzumi's international network (AIN)
AddressAzumino City Hotaka 5198
MessageAzumi's International Network (AIN) is working to support the self-help and independence of foreign residents and promote multicultural coexistence, with the slogan of "World-friendly Azumino." 

■ Japanese language classes for “foreigners as residents”
■ Japanese language support for foreign children
■ Various study groups necessary for multicultural coexistence
■ Agricultural experience
■ International understanding / international exchange events
■ Life consultation
MessageClear air / water ... Many foreign residents from all over the world live in Azumino, where nature is abundant at the foot of the Northern Alps.
In addition, many foreign tourists visit Azumino, the “hometown of Japan” every year.
Azumino will connect with the world and live with people from various countries. We are working towards such a “world-friendly Azumino”. Please feel free to contact us.
Home Pagehttps://azuminokokusaikanet.wixsite.com/ain-hp


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