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Earthling Network in Komagane(Komagane City / International Exchange Group)

NameEarthling Network in Komagane
AddressContact Center (Pear Tree 2-25 in Komagane City)
MessageIt is a voluntary organization that operates for the purpose of mutual understanding between foreign residents and local residents. The main activities are
1. Japanese language class 
20-30 members on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday exchange conversations, events and lifestyle information

2. Multicultural exchange with members and local residents
Exchange through fairs, festivals and events

3. Living information course for foreign residents 
Manners such as disaster prevention, garbage disposal, ceremonial occasions

About 30 volunteers are involved in the operation, and foreign residents are registered more than 200.
In Komagane City, there is a JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteer Training Center. Of the approximately 600 volunteers a year, 30 to 40 support the project during the pre-dispatch training period of 70 days.
MessageIt is an organization that has been supporting foreign residents since 2006. Many foreign residents and local youths who have been living for more than 20 years ago have recently deepened mutual relationships with the local community, making each other happy. I hope there is.
I hope that by interacting widely with Japanese people who have a variety of positions and ideas, you will be able to broaden your range of activities and enrich your life and work in Japan.
Try to experience what you like when you want.
Home Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/chikyujinnetwork/
  • Phone : 0265-81-5900


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