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Ueda City Multicultural Promotion Association (AMU)(Ueda City / International Exchange Group)

Ueda City Multicultural Promotion Association (AMU)
NameUeda City Multicultural Promotion Association (AMU)
Address2-4-4 Ueda City
MessageThe Ueda City Multicultural Promotion Association (AMU) is a society that allows all people of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures in Ueda to recognize each other as residents of the same region, and respect and live a rich life. We are working to form a “cultural society”.

The activities are mainly divided into support for foreign citizens and foreign students / students to learn Japanese language and subjects, and 2 initiatives for promoting exchanges between foreign citizens and citizens. It has become.
The learning group dispatches “study support volunteers” to international classrooms at city elementary and junior high schools, social gatherings for supporters of foreign children, educational guidance for parents with children to know the Japanese education system, and outside We carry out disaster prevention courses for citizens of nationality and cooperation with related organizations such as residents' associations.

The Exchange Group has established a place for foreign citizens to contribute to the diversification of Ueda City by utilizing their culture.
In addition to the multicultural exchange Festa, which consists of exhibitions, dishes and stage performances from various countries, various opportunities are provided for foreign citizens to become lecturers and introduce their culture and cuisine. These events provide opportunities for foreign citizens to connect with citizens, and are a powerful venue for promoting independence and social participation.
The Ueda City Summer Festival “Uedawasshoi” is an international republic centered around international citizens who participates in the festival.

AMU was established in 2009 and celebrated the 10 anniversary this year. Until now, AMU has been engaged in activities aimed at creating a multicultural society with the participation of foreign citizens. Coupled with the new foreign worker acceptance system in force this year, it is expected that foreigners will continue to enter the country and become settled.
AMU will continue to work with various organizations in order to form such a flexible Ueda society where foreign citizens living in Ueda and Ueda citizens respect and cooperate with each other's culture. I will continue.
MessageWelcome to Ueda City
The Ueda City Multicultural Society (AMU) welcomes people who have come to Ueda for various purposes, including those who have moved from overseas, international students, technical intern trainees, and people working in specialized fields. Is the purpose of coming to Ueda City work or learning Japanese? Some people may want to live in Ueda City. Naturally, when you have just come to Japan, you do not understand Japanese, Japanese culture and customs. Like us, we Japanese will be confused by unfamiliar habits when they go abroad, because they don't understand the language.

The culture of my home country is my roots and very important. That's because you are yourself.
At the same time, it is important to understand the culture of the country where you currently live. I would like to give a message to everyone who has decided to live in Japan. New habits will be difficult to learn immediately. But even if you can't do it, it's important to understand. By finding your place in a new environment little by little, you will surely feel positive.
Another important thing we understand is the understanding of the people who accept you. Not all Ueda people are ready to understand and accept you. Those who accept it need to switch to a different way of thinking. We will continue to do a lot of that.

AMU has many members who have experienced living abroad. These members can help you connect with the citizens through various activities and become one of the citizens. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything you want, such as wanting information on Japanese language classes or participating in exchange events. Let's start together from there.
AMU is working in the hope that everyone will love Ueda and the people of Ueda and want to continue living in Ueda.
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