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New coronavirusSafety precautions against COVID-XNUMX

What to do to avoid becoming COVID-19What to do to avoid passing on to others

Reasons for becoming COVID-19

  • Splash infectionSplash infection
  • Contact infectionContact infection

What is better to do

  • Put on a maskPut on a mask
  • Wash hands and fingersWash hands and fingers

What you should not do

  • SealedSealed
  • DenseDense
  • CloselyClosely

New way of life

To prevent people living in Nagano from being infected with the new coronavirus Nagano Prefecture is asking everyone for "new daily recommendations <new way of life>".

New daily life special page

New coronavirus infection alert level

Judgment is based on the number of new positives in the last week. ⇒ See the level by municipality in detail

  • Lull period 10 or less per 149 population
  • 3. Attention 10 or more per 150 population
  • 4. Vigilance 10 or more per 300 population
  • 5. Maximum alert 10 or more per 450 population
  • 6. Danger When the national government issues "priority measures such as prevention of spread" or "state of emergency" based on the Special Measures Law for Nagano Prefecture

You may have been infected.What should I do?

  • People who have a hospital that they always go to

    Please call the hospital (family doctor) you always go to.

  • People who don't always go to the hospital
    People who cannot call the hospital at night or on holidays

    You can consult in a foreign language 24 hours a day.

You can consult with LINE call

You can use LINE to talk with the counselors at the Nagano Multicultural Coexistence Center.
It is free of charge.
Please read the QR code.
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