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Support to help the company and workers

There is support to help the company and the people who work.

List of support

1 National tax / local tax
(If you run out of money at work, wait a year for the tax you pay)

2 Employment adjustment subsidy
(When the company is absent from work, the government pays part of the money that the company pays to the people who work.)

3 Leave for the new coronavirus infectious disease
(Because of the new coronavirus illness, the company told me that my work was absent. People who work in a small company or who couldn't get money from the company during their work holidays get it. I have money to do.)

4 Support fund for elementary school leave due to new coronavirus infection
(This is the money that a person who is doing business alone will receive when he / she is unable to work due to the effects of the new coronavirus illness, such as when elementary school is closed.)

5 Employment insurance job seeker benefits
(It is a system that helps people who have lost their jobs to live their lives and get new jobs.)

6 When technical intern trainees can no longer work at the current company

7 Special support money
(This is the money that can be obtained by companies and stores whose sales have dropped significantly due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.)

* The contents of 1 to 5 are the contents written on the homepage of the Immigration Bureau of Japan.

A mechanism to help people in need due to changes in work and living conditions due to a new coronavirus illness (easy Japanese) (PDF)(As of March 2021, 12)

Please see here for the support measures of the Government of Japan (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

New Coronavirus Infection Information List