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Countermeasures for COVID-19 infection

New coronavirusInfectious disease control

Support to help life

There is support available to those who are in need of life.

List of support

1 Child-rearing household life support special benefit for low-income child-rearing households
(Helps those who are raising children with low income)

2 Higher education study support(Helping students who are in trouble with the money they pay for school)

3 National Health Insurance, Medical Care for the Elderly, and Long-term Care Insurance Premiums
(In some cases, you may be able to delay paying insurance premiums or make the money you pay cheaper.)

4 National pension insurance premium(People with low income may not have to pay insurance premiums)

5 Electricity / gas / telephone / water charges / NHK reception charges
(I ask people in need to slow down their payments)

6 Emergency small-lot funds for individuals, etc.
(Lend a little money to someone who doesn't have the money to live and needs it right away for a while)

7 Housing security benefits
(People who are in trouble due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection can get rent for a while)

8 Rent reduction and exemption for prefectural housing, temporary occupancy
(People living in prefectural housing may be able to reduce their rent)
(People who are in trouble where to live may be able to live in prefectural housing.)

9 Welfare
(People who cannot live on their own may be able to get money to live)

10Child-rearing allowance
(Money that can be obtained by a person raising a child up to the age of 18 due to divorce, etc. Disability.
You can also get someone who is raising a child up to the age of 19 by himself. )

11 Emergency support for women with anxiety and worries
(There is support available to women who may be anxious or worried.)


New Coronavirus Infection Information List