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It is a system that guarantees the lowest level of life and helps you to live on your own.
Depending on your current income, you can get money to live and, although there is an upper limit, money to rent a house.

You can receive welfare protection
Status of residence
Permanent resident, permanent resident, spouse of Japanese, spouse of permanent resident, special permanent resident, refugee certified person, etc.
People who can receive welfarePeople who do not have enough money to live, such as having no assets that can be used immediately or being unable to work
What you have to doCaseworkers go to your home several times a year while you are on welfare.Listen to the story of the caseworker.
How to apply[People living in the city]
City welfare office

[People living in towns and villages]
Prefectural health and welfare office or town / village office


New Coronavirus Infection Information List