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New coronavirusSafety precautions against COVID-XNUMX

Higher education study support

Help students who are in trouble with the money they pay for school (such as tuition fees).You can get cheaper tuition, get scholarships, and borrow.

People who can get or borrowSomeone who is in trouble with the money to pay for school

・ Persons whose status of residence is "Special Permanent Resident", "Permanent Resident", "Japanese Spouse, etc.", "Permanent Resident's Spouse, etc."
・ People who are "residents" and have always wanted to live in Japan

* For international students with other statuses of residence, there is a system to help their lives through a scholarship system.

How to applyPlease consult with the scholarship counseling center or school.
When you want to know morehttps://www.mext.go.jp/a_menu/koutou/hutankeigen/1420041_00003.htm


New Coronavirus Infection Information List