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New coronavirusSafety precautions against COVID-XNUMX

New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Independence Support Fund for People in Need

You may be able to get money when you cannot get emergency small funds.

Target households1. Households * that cannot use special loans such as emergency small-lot funds must meet all the conditions (1) to (3).

* ・ Households that have finished borrowing the re-lending of comprehensive support funds
・ Households for which re-lending of comprehensive support funds was not permitted
・ Households who consulted for re-lending of comprehensive support funds but did not apply

If the household in 2.1 meets all of the following (1) to (3)

(1) Income is less than the total amount of ① and ②
(1) 12/XNUMX of the amount of income for which the per capita rate of municipal inhabitant tax is exempt from taxation
② Standard amount of housing assistance for livelihood protection

(2) Deposits and savings are 1 times or less (and 12 million yen or less) of "(6) 100/XNUMX of the amount of income for which the per capita rate of municipal inhabitant tax is exempt"

(3) Do either of the following activities
・ Apply for a job hunting <= search for a job> at the free employment agency set up by the Public Employment Security Office (Hello Work) or Nagano Prefecture or the municipality, and do a firm job hunting activity <= activity to find a job>. matter
・ If it is difficult to work and live and it is expected that life after this benefit is over, apply for welfare protection.

Money you can get
(By month)
One-person household: 1 yen
One-person household: 2 yen
Households of 3 or more: 10 yen
Period to receiveUp to 3 month
Application destinationPeople who live in towns and villages: The prefectural welfare office where they live
People who live in the city: Ask the city you live in
About the system
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Call Center [Reception Hours] Weekdays 9:00 to 17:00
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare homepage

Prefectural welfare office

Welfare officeWhere you livePhone
Saku Welfare OfficeKoumi Town, Sakuho Town, Kawakami Village, Minamiaiki Village, Minamiaiki Village, Kitaaiki Village, Karuizawa Town, Miyota Town, Tateshina Town, Nagawa Town, Aoki Village0267-63-3142
Suwa Welfare OfficeShimosuwa Town, Fujimi Town, Hara Village0266-57-2911
Kamiina Welfare OfficeTatsuno Town, Minowa Town, Iijima Town, Minamiminowa Village, Nakagawa Village, Miyada Village0265-76-6811
Shimoina Welfare OfficeMatsukawa Town, Takamori Town, Anan Town, Achi Village, Hiraya Village, Neba Village, Shimojo Village, Urugi Village, Tenryu Village, Yasuoka Village, Takagi Village, Toyooka Village, Oshika Village0265-53-0411
Kiso Welfare OfficeAgematsu Town, Nagiso Town, Kiso Town, Kiso Village, Otaki Village, Okuwa Village0264-25-2219
Matsumoto Welfare OfficeOmi Village, Ikusaka Village, Yamagata Village, Asahi Village, Chikuhoku Village0263-40-1913
Kitaazumi Welfare OfficeIkeda Town, Matsukawa Village, Hakuba Village, Otari Village0261-23-6508
Nagano Welfare OfficeSakaki Town, Obuse Town, Takayama Village, Shinano Town, Iizuna Town, Ogawa Village026-225-9057
Hokushin Welfare OfficeYamanouchi Town, Kijimadaira Village, Nozawa Onsen Village, Sakae Village0269-62-3943


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