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Countermeasures for COVID-19 infection

New coronavirusSafety precautions against COVID-XNUMX

Free inspection notice

This is an announcement from Nagano Prefecture.

A person infected with Omicron strain was found in Nagano prefecture.
Anxious people can get a free test.

Target person People who are worried about infection and have no symptoms such as fever or cough
Those who are not eligible ・ People who do not live in Nagano Prefecture
・ People with symptoms such as fever and cough
・ Close contact with people infected with the new coronavirus
Where you can inspect See on the website of Nagano Prefecture
https://www.pref.nagano.lg.jp/kansensho-taisaku/vtp/kensa.html#itiranhyouView on map
How to get an inspection 1. Please go to a hospital or pharmacy where you can inspect
2. Please write the application form
3. Show me your ID
4. Get inspected

◆ When you have a fever or a cough 0120-974-998Please call to consult.
0120-974-998 is a telephone number where you can consult in a foreign language.
You can consult at any time (24 hours).

New Coronavirus Infection Information List