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New coronavirusSafety precautions against COVID-XNUMX

About the novel coronavirus (COVID‐19) vaccine

To foreigners living in Nagano Prefecture
We have news about the new corona (COVID-19) vaccine.

① The new corona vaccine lives in Japan foreigners too can hit.

② If you want to get vaccinated, go to the government office where you live now (city, town, village).
Please tell me "I want to get vaccinated".

③ When giving a vaccine,Please bring your vaccination ticket..
If you do not have a "vaccination ticket" or if you need to take a vaccination,Please ask the government office where you live.

I made a flyer in a foreign language.Please read him.

New Corona (COVID‐19) Vaccine (Easy Japanese)
Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines
New crown epidemic (COVID-19) vaccination knowledge (Chinese)
코로나 바이러스(COVID-19) 백신에 대하여 (Korean)
Vacinação contra o coronavírus (COVID-19) (Portuguese)
Bakuna Laban sa COVID-19 (Tagalog)
COVID-19 (Thai)

New Coronavirus Infection Information List