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New coronavirusSafety precautions against COVID-XNUMX

Request from Nagano Prefecture

Please be careful of the new coronavirus and seasonal flu.

always be careful

XNUMX Ventilate <= replace the air>.

XNUMX Wash your hands and disinfect your fingers often.

XNUMX. Keep at least XNUMX meter distance from other people.

XNUMX When eating or traveling,Recommendation for a new dinner""Recommendation for a new tripPlease read carefully and be careful not to get infected with the new coronavirus.


If you have a fever or cough

65 For people aged XNUMX and over, pregnant people <= people with babies in their womb>, and people with other illnesses
If you are infected with the new coronavirus, you may become seriously ill.
If you have a fever or a cough, please consult a hospital immediately.

Two For those who are younger than 64 years old and who do not have a fever or cough that are too severe, or who have no other illnesses
As much as possible, use a test kit to test at home.
If you find out that it is a new coronavirus,Mild person registration centerPlease register at

XNUMX To everyone
Neither XNUMX nor XNUMX, please do not go anywhere other than a hospital.


About vaccines

Vaccines are injections that prevent you from getting sick or getting sick.
For the health of yourself and those around you, those who can get the vaccine should get the vaccine as much as possible.
There is also a vaccine for the Omicron strain.

About vaccine → Nagano homepage

New Coronavirus Infection Information List