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05/26 Thursday

We will hold a "Free Lawyer Consultation Meeting for Foreigners".

The Nagano International Association (ANPI) will hold a free lawyer counseling session at the Nagano Prefectural Multicultural Coexistence Counseling Center in order to solve various legal issues faced by foreigners. ..
Schedule 2022.05.26(Thursday)
open time 13 when 00 worth ~ 16 when 00 minutes
Venue Conference Room 301, 1485rd floor, Monzen Plaza (XNUMX-XNUMX Shindencho, Nagano City)
Target Foreigners living in Nagano prefecture
Capacity 3 people
Entry fee Free
Remarks Reservations are required in advance, so please contact the Nagano Multicultural Coexistence Counseling Center.
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Nagano International Association (Nagano Multicultural Coexistence Counseling Center)

Phone : 026-219-3068

E-mail: tabunka-center@anpie.or.jp

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