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Life guide book

Life guide book

In order for Japanese and foreigners to live with peace of mind in Japan, it is important to know the rules and customs of Japan.
Here is a guidebook that contains information on living and working in Japan with peace of mind.

1. Things to do immediately after moving

  • Government office
    Within the 14 days of the transfer, please complete the transfer procedure at the city / town / village office. (Residence card, transfer certificate, etc. are required)
    * When moving in Japan or returning to Japan, you must notify the municipality where you move out. The transfer certificate you will receive at that time is necessary for the transfer procedure. For details on the procedure for moving out, ask the municipal office.
  • Electrical
    Contact your power company.
  • Water
    Contact the municipal water department in charge.
  • gas
    Make a reservation with the gas company in advance and have the gas tap open. Have a safety check before using gas.
  • Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular
    Apply for a school permit to the municipal board of education.
  • Driver's license
    Send a notification of address change to a nearby police station.

2. When you want help immediately

  • 110 (Police)
    Call 110 when you are involved in a traffic accident or crime. It leads to the police.
  • 119 (Fire and ambulance)
    Call “119” in case of fire, sudden illness or injury. Connect to the fire department.

3. Protect yourself from earthquakes

Japan is a country with many earthquakes. What should I do if an earthquake occurs?

  1. Enter under the desk and protect your head and body.
  2. Let's put out fires such as kitchen and heater immediately.
  3. Let's open an exit to evacuate.
  4. When you run outside, do n’t step on the glass.
  5. Go to a nearby evacuation site with neighbors and neighbors. (The shelter is a nearby school, etc.)
  6. Take refuge with only what you can take immediately.

Prepare an “emergency bag” for evacuation.

  • Food (leave in water, biscuits, etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals (emergency medical products such as banso, spare medicines)
  • Daily necessities (wet tissue, eye mask, spare glasses, etc.)
  • Portable radio, flashlight, spare battery
  • Cash (requires change)
  • Underwear, towel, rain gear
  • Work gloves, rope
  • Matches and lighters
  • Disposable body warmer
  • Writing utensils, notepad
  • Garbage bag
  • Baby milk etc.

4). Community interaction

Get to know your neighbors and get along with them.

  • When moving, greet yourself and introduce yourself to neighbors and neighbors.
  • There is a group called “Resident Association / City Association”. Various local events are held together. We will clean up the neighborhood together. You may be required to pay a membership fee when you join a neighborhood association.
  • Garbage from the house
    • Please dispose of garbage in “burnable garbage”, “non-burnable garbage”, “plastic”, etc. and put it in a garbage bag. You can buy garbage bags at supermarkets and convenience stores.
    • Where to throw away garbage The days of the week that can be thrown away vary depending on the region. Ask your neighbors about the city hall / town hall / village hall.

5. Introduction of Nagano

  • Nagano(Another name is "Shinshu")
    Nagano Prefecture is rich in nature, history and culture. Nagano Prefecture was ranked No. 1 nationwide in the “Prefecture Rankings I Want to Move” (Source: Book of Country Life in Heisei 28)
    Nagano Prefecture has the largest number of mountains exceeding 3,000m in the whole country. There are many beautiful mountains including the Japan Alps. About 80% of the prefecture is forest.
  • Tourism
    The number of hot spring resorts is 2 in the country. Many tourists visit in the mountains and plateaus in summer and skiing in winter.
  • Industrial
    Before the Second World War, the silk industry developed very much. After the war, the precision machinery industry such as cameras and watches grew. Currently, the focus is on the manufacture of computer-related electronic equipment.
  • Agriculture:
    Apple is famous for its fruits. The production of grapes such as Kyoho, Prunes, Apricots and Blueberries is also high. Vegetables are especially high in production of lettuce, celery, asparagus, and wasabi.
Bird "Raichou", a symbol of Nagano Prefecture
The symbol of Nagano Prefecture, the animal “Kazuka”

6). Telephone number (multilingual consultation desk, government office and embassy)

Consultation office for foreign residents in municipalitiesClick here for more information.

Government office

This is the representative telephone number. Please say the section name or extension number in Japanese. (Monday to Friday 8: 30 to 5: 15 in the afternoon)

Nagano prefectural office 026-232-0111

Regional Promotion Bureau(Prefectural general office in 10 prefectures)

Saku Regional Promotion Bureau 0267-63-3111
Ueda Regional Promotion Bureau 0268-23-1260
Suwa Regional Promotion Bureau 0266-53-6000
Kamiina Regional Development Bureau 0265-78-2111
Minamishinshu Regional Development Bureau 0265-23-1111
Kiso Regional Development Bureau 0264-24-2211
Matsumoto Regional Promotion Bureau 0263-47-7800
Northern Alps Regional Promotion Bureau 0261-22-5111
Nagano Regional Development Bureau 026-233-5151
Hokushin Regional Promotion Bureau 0269-22-3111

City hall / town / village office(ABC order)

Achi 0265-43-2220
Agematsu 0264-52-2001
Anan 0260-22-2141
Aoki 0268-49-0111
Asahi 0263-99-2001
Azumino 0263-71-2000
Chikukita Village 0263-66-2211
Chikuma 026-273-1111 (Sarafu Government Building)
026-275-0004 (Tokura Government Building)
026-275-1050 (Kamiyamada Government Office)
Hadano 0266-72-2101
Fujimi 0266-62-2250
Haramura 0266-79-2111
Hakuba-mura 0261-72-5000
Hiratani 0265-48-2211
Iida 0265-22-4511
Iijima 0265-86-3111
Iiyama 0269-62-3111
Iizuna 026-253-2511
Ikeda 0261-62-3131
Ikusaka 0263-69-3111
Ina 0265-78-4111
Karuizawa 0267-45-8111
Kawakami-mura 0267-97-2121
Kijimadaira 0269-82-3111
Kiso 0264-22-3000
Kiso Village 0264-36-2001
Kitaikigi 0267-77-2111
Komagane 0265-83-2111
Komoro 0267-22-1700
Koumi 0267-92-2525
Matsumoto 0263-34-3000
Matsukawa 0265-36-3111
Matsukawa 0261-62-3111
Minamiaigi 0267-78-2121
Minamimaki 0267-96-2211
Minamiminawa 0265-72-2104
Minowa 0265-79-3111
Miyata 0265-85-3181
Miyota 0267-32-3111
Nagano city 026-226-4911
NAGAWA 0268-68-3111
Nagiso Town 0264-57-2001
Nakagawa 0265-88-3001
Nakano 0269-22-2111
Neba 0265-49-2111
Nozawa Onsen Village 0269-85-3111
Obuse 026-247-3111
Ogawa 026-269-2323
Okaya 0266-23-4811
Hemp village 0263-67-3001
Okuwa 0264-55-3080
Omachi 0261-22-0420
Oka village 0265-39-2001
Odani village 0261-82-2001
Otaki Village 0264-48-2001
Sakuho 0267-86-2525 (Saku Government Office)
0267-88-2525 (Yachiho Government Office)
Sakaemura 0269-87-3111
Sakagi 0268-82-3111
Saku 0267-62-2111
Shimojo Village 0260-27-2311
Shimosuwa Town 0266-27-1111
Shinano 026-255-3111
Shiojiri 0263-52-0280
Suwa 0266-52-4141
Suzaka 026-245-1400
Takamori 0265-35-3111
Kashiwamura 0265-33-2001
Takayama 026-245-1100
Tateshina 0267-56-2311
Chino 0266-41-1111
Tenryu Village 0260-32-2001
Tomi 0268-62-1111
Toyoka village 0265-35-3311
Ueda 0268-22-4100
Makimura 0260-28-2311
Yamagata 0263-98-3111
Yamanouchi 0269-33-3111
Taifu Village 0260-26-2111


Tokyo Immigration Bureau Nagano Branch Office 026-232-3317(月曜日~金曜日 午前9:00~12:00、午後1:00~4:00)
Tokyo Immigration Bureau Foreign Resident General Information Center 0570-013904 / 03-5796-7112 (IP, PHS, overseas)
(Monday to Friday 8: 30 to 5: 15 in the afternoon)
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean / Korean, Spanish, etc.

Hello Work with interpreters

Nagano place Portuguese Friday afternoon 1: 00 to 3: 00
Chinese Monday Afternoon 1: 00 to 3: 00, Wednesday Afternoon 1: 00 to 4: 00
Matsumotosho Portuguese Thursday AM 9: 00 to 12: 00 Friday PM 1: 00 to 4: 00
Chinese Monday Afternoon 1: 00 to 5: 00
Ueda Portuguese Monday / Friday 10: 00 to 3: 00
Chinese Thursday afternoon 1: 00 to 4: 00
Iidasho Portuguese Friday 10: 00 to 3: 00
Chinese Tuesday / Wednesday 10: 00 to 3: 00
Inasho Portuguese Friday 10: 00 to 4: 00 0265-73-8609
Suwasho Portuguese Tuesday from 10: 00 to 3: 00 0266-58-8609


Nagano Labor Bureau Foreign Workers Working Conditions Consultation Corner
(You can consult in Portuguese about working conditions for foreign workers)
Tuesday and Thursday (subject to change) AM 9: 00-PM 3: 30 026-223-0553
Holiday / Night Emergency Doctor Information Service
Guides you to hospitals on holidays and at night. 0570-088199
Pediatric emergency telephone consultation
You can consult when your child is sick or injured at night.
Every day from 7:00 pm to 8:00 the next morning # 8000 / 0263-34-8000

Driver's license center

Hokushin Driver's License Center (Nagano City) 026-292-2345
Toshin Driver's License Center (Saku City) 0267-53-1550
Shinnan Shin Driving License Center (Shiojiri City) 0263-53-6611

Embassies of major countries

Embassy of India 03-3262-2391
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia 03-3441-4201
Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 03-3440-6911
Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand 03-5789-2433
Embassy of the Republic of Korea 03-3452-7611
Embassy of the People's Republic of China 03-3403-3388
Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal 03-3713-6241
Pakistan 03-5421-7741
Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh 03-3234-5801
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines 03-5562-1600
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 03-3466-3311
Embassy of Malaysia 03-3476-3840
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Myanmar 03-3441-9291
Embassy of Mongolia 03-3469-2088
North America
Embassy of the United States 03-3224-5000
Canadian Embassy 03-5412-6200
Latin America
Embassy of the Republic of Argentina 03-5420-7101
Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay 03-3265-5271
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Brazil 03-3404-5211
Embassy of the Republic of Peru 03-3406-4243
Bolivian Embassy 03-3499-5441
Embassy of the United States of Mexico 03-3581-1131
British Embassy 03-5211-1100
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 03-5776-5400
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 03-5791-7700
French Embassy 03-5798-6000
Embassy of the Russian Federation 03-3583-4224
Australian Embassy 03-5232-4111
Embassy of New Zealand 03-3467-2271
Middle East
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran 03-3446-8011

Local information

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