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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page explains how to handle personal information in Nagano Prefecture.
"About personal information" on the Nagano Prefecture official websiteThe same thing will be posted.

On this homepage, collection, use and management of personal information"Nagano Personal Information Protection Ordinance (external site opens in a separate window)"Based on this, we will strive to create a website that can be handled properly and that everyone can use with peace of mind.

  • Personal Information Personal information is information about an individual that can identify a specific individual based on the name, date of birth, and other descriptions contained in the information. Including those that can be identified.) (Address, name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.)
  • Collection of personal information Personal information is collected within the necessary limits by clarifying the purpose of collection.
    As a general rule, personal information is collected from the person.
  • Use and provision of personal information The collected personal information will not be used or provided for purposes other than the purpose of collection, except as provided by the Nagano Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance.
  • Management of personal information Prefectural government takes measures such as leakage prevention in managing personal information and keeps it accurate.
    In addition, personal information that is no longer required will be deleted securely and promptly.
  • About secure communication (SSL) This website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communication on all pages to prevent eavesdropping and tampering by third parties during communication.
  • About access log recording The information of the viewed devices (IP address, browser type, access time, etc.) is recorded as an access log. This is used for home page operation management and statistical analysis of usage. Individuals cannot be identified by this information.
  • About using Google Analytics The Nagano Prefecture official website uses Google Analytics to understand the usage status of the site.
    Google Analytics uses cookies to collect user information, but does not collect personally identifiable information.
    Please refer to the Google Analytics website for Google Analytics terms of service and privacy policy.
    Nagano Prefecture shall not be liable for damages resulting from the use of Google Analytics services.
    Google Analytics Service Terms of Use (opens in a separate window)
    Privacy policy (Google) (opens in a separate window)
  • Notes for SNS users On this website, some pages have buttons for sharing on FaceBook, Twitter, and LINE.
    Some social networking services (SNS), when logged in, access a user ID / access to the SNS without pressing the “button” when browsing the page where the “button” is set. Information such as websites may be sent automatically.
    For more information,Personal Information Protection Committee's “Considerations for SNS Users” (An external site will open in a separate window).

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