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Infectious disease information

Special rules for immigration for dismissed people (June 6: added multilingual leaflet)

The Immigration Bureau has created special rules so that foreigners who had to quit their jobs due to the spread of new coronavirus infection can work in Japan.

Eligible persons can work with the status of residence of "specific activities" for up to one year.

Guidance for continuing working (Japanese)
Guidance for continuing work (easy Japanese)
Guide to Support for Continuous Employment for Foreigners Who Have Been Dismissed, etc.(English)
Notification of support for employment provision for foreigners who are dismissed(Simplified characters)
Hướng dẫn về việc hỗ trợ tiếp tục công việc cho người nước ngoài bị đuổi việc vv…(Vietnamese)
Tungkol sa suporta sa pagpapatuloy ng trabaho para sa mga dayuhang nawalan ng trabaho(Tagalog)
Informativo do apoio contínuo ao emprego para estrangeiros que foram demitidos, etc.(Portuguese)
बर्ातस्त िररएका नबदेशीहฤततततततततत(Nepali)
Panduan Bantuan Kelanjutan Pekerjaan untuk Orang Asing yang di-PHK dll(Indonesian)
Información sobre apoyo para la continuidad laboral de extranjeros que fueron despedidos, etc.(Spanish)

If you have any questions, please ask the Nagano Prefectural Multicultural Counseling Center or the Irino Nagano Branch Office.

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