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Countermeasures for COVID-19 infection

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"Notice" regarding new coronavirus infection

For those who have symptoms and those who are worried about infection, please do so as soon as possible.Please "consult" with a hospital or health center

◆ If you have a fever, cough, feel tired, or have difficulty breathing, please contact us by phone!

If you have a hospital that you always go to, please call the hospital for consultation.
If you do n’t have a hospital to go to all the time,0120-691-792 (24 hours a day, you can consult in a foreign language)Or
Please call the health center in the table below (24 hours a day, you can consult in Japanese).

◆ If you feel sick, don't meet people!

If you are infected with a new coronavirus infection, the health center will support you with medical treatment.

◆ "Inspection" is free when it may be a new coronavirus!
If a hospital or health center thinks that it may be infected, the test is free <= 0 yen, free>.
* A medical examination fee will be charged.

◆ "Privacy" is protected!
We will keep the secret of the person who consulted.
Please feel free to contact us. "Consultation" is free. (Call charges will be incurred.)

Health center contact information

Health center living place Phone Number
Saku Health Center Komoro City, Saku City, Koumi Town, Sakuho Town, Kawakami Village, Minamimaki Village, Minamiaiki Village, Kitaaiki Village, Karuizawa Town, Miyota Town, Tateshina Town 0267-63-3178
Ueda Health Center Ueda City, Tomi City, Nagawa Town, Aoki Village 0268-25-7178
Suwa Health Center Okaya City, Suwa City, Chino City, Shimosuwa Town, Fujimi Town, Hara Village 0266-57-2930
Ina Health Center Ina City, Komagane City, Tatsuno Town, Minowa Town, Iijima Town, Minamiminowa Village, Nakagawa Village, Miyada Village 0265-76-6822
Iida Health Center Iida City, Matsukawa Town, Takamori Town, Anan Town, Achi Village, Hiraya Village, Neba Village, Shimojo Village, Urugi Village, Tenryu Village, Yasuoka Village, Takagi Village, Toyooka Village, Oshika Village 0265-53-0435
Kiso Health Center Agematsu Town, Nagiso Town, Kiso Town, Kiso Village, Otaki Village, Okuwa Village 0264-25-2227
Matsumoto Health Center Matsumoto City, Shiojiri City, Azumino City, Omi Village, Ikusaka Village, Yamagata Village, Asahi Village, Chikuhoku Village 0263-40-1939
Omachi Public Health Center Omachi City, Ikeda Town, Matsukawa Town, Hakuba Village, Otari Village 0261-23-6560
Nagano Health Center Suzaka City, Chikuma City, Sakaki Town, Obuse Town, Takayama Village, Shinano Town, Iizuna Town, Ogawa Village 026-225-9305
Hokushin Health Center Nakano City, Iiyama City, Yamanouchi Town, Kijimadaira Village, Nozawa Onsen Village, Sakae Village 0269-67-0249
Nagano City Health Center Nagano city Weekdays (8: 30-17: 15)
026-226-9964 Holidays / nights (17: 15-8: 30)


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