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Infectious disease information

"Five scenes" that are easily infected with the new coronavirus

Please be aware of the "five scenes" that are easily infected with the new coronavirus.

5 scenes (Japanese)
"Five scenes" where you can get higher (easy Japanese)
“5 situations” that increase the risk of infection (English)
Increased infections Risk-like << 5 kinds of emotions >> (simplified Chinese)
Increased infection-like 《Five kinds of situations》 (Traditional Chinese)
“5 situaciones” que pueden aumentar el riesgo de infección (Spanish)
(Arabic)خمس حالات ترت فع فيها خعورة الإصابة
“Cinque situazioni” in cui aumenta il rischio di contagio (Italian)
"Fün f Situationen", die das Infektionsrisiko erhöhen. (German)
“5 situations” qui augmentent le risque de contamination (French)
“5 situ ações” que aumentam o risco de in fecção (Portuguese)
“5 ситуаций”, повышающих риск заражения (Russian)
감염위험 이 증가 하는 “5 가지 상황” (Hangul) 
“5 Situasi” Peningkatan Risiko Infeksi Covid 19 (Indonesian)
Mga 5 eksena kung saan tumataas ang peligro ng impeksyon (Tagalog)
“5 Bối cảnh” làm tăng nguy cơ Lây nhiễm (Vietnamese)
ရောဂါ ကူးစက်မှု အန္တရာယ် တိုးပွားလာ ခြင်း "ဖြစ်ပွားမှု ပုံစံ (XNUMX) မျိုး" (Myanmar)
इमिग्रेशन ब्युरो अफ जापान, फरेन रेसिडेन्स सपोर्ट सेन्टरकी प्रमुख आओयामाका अनुसार कोभिड -XNUMX XNUMX संक्रमण हुने उच्च जोखिमका पाँच अवस्था यसप्रकार छन्. (Nepali)
"កន្លែងទាំង 5" ដែលមានហានិភ័យឆ្លងខ្ 

National website for measures against new coronavirus infections

Scene 1 When talking or eating while drinking alcohol
When you drink alcohol, you can't be careful not to get sick, and it's easy to talk loudly.
It is easy to get sick if you stay in a small place where the outside air does not enter for a long time or with a lot of people.
It is also easy to get sick if you drink in the same glass as other people or use the same chopsticks as other people.

Scene 2 When a lot of people get together or have a long time to drink and eat
When dining with others, keep the following in mind:
・ Please eat with a small number of people.
・ Please eat in a short time.
・ If a large number of people drink or eat, they may get sick easily because they make a loud voice when talking or their brim flies.
・ When you drink alcohol, please go to only one shop a day.

Scene 3 When talking without a mask
If you talk or sing close to other people without wearing a mask, your brim will fly and you will easily get sick.
Wear a mask when riding a car or bus with other people.

Scene 4 When living in a small space with other people
It's easy to get sick if you stay together for a long time in a small space.
If you are in a dormitory <= where people who go to the same school or work at the same company live together>, such as a room or toilet, you can easily get sick. Please attach.

Scene 5 When you go from one place to another
When it's time for a break between work <= resting for a while to relieve mental and physical fatigue>, it's easy to get sick if you go from work to another place.
Be careful when you go to the break room <= where you can rest for a while to relieve your mental and physical fatigue>, the smoking area <= where you smoke>, and the changing room <= where you change clothes>.

Things to be aware of when drinking alcohol

・ Please make it a short time with few people.
・ Drink with someone you are always with.
・ Do not drink too much.
・ Please use chopsticks and cups one by one.Do not use the same thing as others.
・ Do not sit in front of other people as much as possible.
・ Please wear a mask when speaking.
・ Please use a store that replaces the air in the room or puts disinfectant on it.
・ If you feel unwell, please do not go out.

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