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Infectious disease information

To prevent infection with COVID-19 (December 2020, 12)

Nagano Prefecture has compiled information on how to prevent infection with the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
It can be found in English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Portuguese, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and Indonesian.


・ To avoid being infected with the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), please note the following.

Prevention of infection (Japanese)
Prevention of ties New crown disease infection (Chinese)
Para evitar o contágio do corona vírus (Portuguese)
về vấn đề phòng chống dịch (Vietnamese)
감염 방지 에 대해서 (Korean)
การ ป้อง กัน การ ติด เชื้อ (Thai)
Agar setiap penduduk dapat terhindar dari infeksi Covid-19 (Indonesian)
Let's stop COVID-19 (English)
Para evitar la propagación (Spanish)
Tungkol sa pagpigil ng p ag kahawa (Tagalog)

Three basics to prevent infection

① Keep 2 meters (at least 1 meter) away from other people
When you go out to play, choose outside rather than inside the building
When talking, try not to talk in front of you as much as possible

② Please wear a mask
Please wear a mask when you go to a place with many people or when you get on public transportation (train or bus)

③ Please wash and disinfect your hands

Avoid the three "dense"

① A place where there is no replacement of air
Open windows and doors to replace air

② A place where many people gather
Avoid exercising where people are close to each other, even outside
Stay 2 meters (at least 1 meter) away from others at the restaurant

③ A place that is close to people
Avoid eating with as many people as possible
When you sit in a chair, do not sit right next to another person
Try to avoid talking on the train or elevator as much as possible

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