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Notice from the Immigration Bureau of Japan

The country (Immigration Bureau of Japan) is informing foreigners of what they want to convey.

1 [For foreign nationals who want to study in high school, etc.]

There is a high school enrollment support system.See here for more information.

(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website:https://www.mext.go.jp/a_menu/shotou/mushouka/index.htm

2 [For foreign high school students who want to go on to school but are worried about money] ・
[For foreign students who want to continue learning without worrying about money]

Even foreign nationals are exempt from tuition and admission fees <= no need to pay> ・ reduction <= less amount to be paid>, payment of benefit-type scholarships <= money that does not need to be returned You may be able to receive>.
See here for more information.

(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "New System for Supporting Higher Education":https://www.mext.go.jp/kyufu/index.htm
(Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship Homepage "Scholarship System (Benefit Type)":https://www.jasso.go.jp/shogakukin/kyufu/index.html

3 [To everyone with small children]

From October 2019, the use of kindergartens, nursery schools, etc. for children aged 10 to 3 has become free.
See here for more information.


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