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Photo: Nagano Multicultural Consultation Center
Nagano Prefecture Intercultural Consultation Center

We are accepting various consultations from foreign residents, etc. Please feel free to consult us anytime. (free)

026-219-3068 / 080-4454-1899

Available days Weekdays (Monday to Friday) except the first and third Wednesdays, the first and third Saturdays
10:00 - 18:00
supported language Chinese,Portuguese,Tagalog,Korean,Vietnamese,Thai,English,Indonesian,Spanish,Nepali,Malay,Myanmar,French,Khmer language,German Other
* Ukrainian is also available (reservation required).Please contact us for more information.

Online consultation is possible

You can consult with a native language counselor online.Reservations are required for those who wish to consult.
About reservationMore information is here

Supported languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese

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This homepage is explained in “Easy Japanese”.
“Easy Japanese” is easy to understand for foreigners.
In order to understand people who are not very good at Japanese, it is rephrased and rewritten into easy-to-understand words and expressions.