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MANABI Foreign Language School(Ueda City / Japanese Language School)

Name MANABI Foreign Language School
Venue / Address 2-3-1, Ote, Ueda City YCC No. 2 Building
How to book?
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Website https://www.manabi.co.jp/
Contact Information
  • Phone : 0268-28-7788
  • E-mail: nagano@manabi.co.jp
Remarks It is a Japanese language school that opened in 2004.So far, more than 20 people from 1600 countries have graduated.Since it is a professional teacher who has a teaching qualification to teach, it is safe and the level up is quick.
You can learn for various purposes such as wanting to learn Japanese that is easy to use in Japanese life, want to learn literacy and kanji, challenge the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and enter university.
You can choose from 1 hours a day for up to 4 students, private or group lessons according to your Japanese level and convenience.


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